Due to Covid-19 we're unable to send out welcome packs with equipment, so we've dropped prices for video access to keep you moving

Classes & Events

MumHood Classes

If you do live in London, then we would love to see you at one of our 40 weekly MumHood classes across the 6 Frame locations.

Not only will you get a great workout and a little extra motivation from one of our fantastic instructors, but these classes are an incredible opportunity to meet like minded women at a similar stage of their MumHood journey.

Babies are welcome to all postnatal classes, so no worries about childcare.

MumHood Events

We also run events, both at Frame and externally, where you can hear from experts in their fields including Womens Health Physios, Nutritionists, Sleep Experts to name a few.

If you are pregnant and want to understand more about the changes occuring in your body so that you can feel confident to modify your current exercise routine, we highly recommend coming to one of our Pregnancy Modifications workshops.

We also run weaning workshops which SELL OUT on the regs.

Pregnancy Excercise Guidelines

Please read these before attending a MumHood class

Pregnancy Class Quiz

Our handy quide to work out which Frame classes
will work for you during your pregnancy*

*At Frame, we follow the ACOG guidelines.
Please read the Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines for full info.

Did you exercise regularly before becoming pregnant?



Which trimester are you in?




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Stick to our MumHood classes, which are safe, effective and specifically programmed with the pregnant body in mind.

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You can keep going to your classes but please tell the teacher you are pregnant before the class starts. Make sure you can talk throughout the class (a great measure to check that you’re not too out of breath), work to 70% of your max; so drop weights, reduce speed, take the beginner level options; and take all modifications given to you. Keep going to find the perfect class for you!

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Stick to our MumHood classes as
they are specifically tailored to your amazing pregnant body!

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What kind of classes were you taking?

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Those with a regular yoga practice can continue with classes provided you take modifications given. Avoid stretching at over 80% of your maximum due to the relaxin in your body, and any closed twists. Our Pregnancy Modifications Workshops are a great option to help you self-modify.

Still not sure?

Stick to Basics, Slow Flow and Vinyasa Flow. Avoid Power, Rocket and Yin.

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Make sure you can talk throughout the class and take all modifications given to you. Our Barre classes are always programmed with specific Pregnancy modifications and you can feel the BURN without any impact!

Still not sure?

Stick to Barre / Music Video / Dance Cardio (always take low impact option)

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Make sure you can talk throughout the class and take all modifications given to you. We highly recommend always taking the low impact options in class.

Still not sure?

Stick to LIFT, Row Lit, TRX Train,
80's Aerobics & Quickie Butts

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Unless you’re a seasoned pro, we highly recommend sticking to MumHood Pregnancy Reformer or head to a BARRE class, which will give you similar benefits.

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Stick to MumHood Reformer
Pilates or Basics Reformer

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