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Post-Natal Phase 1

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Phase One

After giving birth, it is very common for new mums to get caught up on the idea of needing to “snap back” to our pre pregnancy selves. For those who have been regular exercisers, it’s not uncommon to assume that when it comes to fitness levels, we’ll just start back where we left off, 9 months ago. However, the reality is that it takes 9 months to grow a baby, and you should expect it to take 9 months for your body to fully recover on the other side. When it comes to postnatal fitness, slow and steady really does win the race.

Mumhood Phase 1 is an 8-week programme based on Pilates principles. Lindsay will talk you through a series of exercises which will help you to rebuild your core and work on your pelvic floor connection, strengthen your glutes and release any tensions in the body which are common as a new mum.

Phase 1 (Core Rehab) is a mat-based programme aiming to reduce any abdominal separation and to establish strong foundations from which to build your journey back to full fitness upon. It is extremely important to strengthen your glutes as they get weak during pregnancy, and doing so will help avoid back issues and bring you back to a more neutral posture.

At this stage of your journey ‘little and often’ is key, so we’ve kept our videos short and sweet (just 15 minutes each) so that they feel achievable and can be practised regularly throughout the week.

Who Is It For?

This is the first stage of your postnatal rehab and is suitable for any mum who feels ready to start their journey back to fitness after having a baby. Regardless of how many months (years!) postpartum you are*, starting from the ground up is extremely important.

Phase 1 is suitable even for those with abdominal separation; those who have had a c-section; those who’ve had pelvis or back pain during pregnancy; and those who may have suffered some bladder leakage.

*Always wait for your 6-week sign off from your healthcare practitioner before you start any exercise programme post birth. We would always advise seeing a Women's Health Physio (whether NHS or Private) where possible.

What's Included?

  • Over 170 minutes of exercise videos.
  • 8 x Core Rehab videos, progressing week on week.
  • Videos are 15 minutes each and you should aim to complete  4-6 times per week.
  • Video guide to assessing any abdominal separation you may have.
  • Access for 4 months (it is an 8 week programme but we understand new babies mean that things don't always go to plan!)
  • Pilates Ball Currently unavailable
  • Postnatal Nutrition Guide from Kristy Coleman, focusing on how to nourish your body to help it heal from the inside out, and how to keep energy levels up on limited sleep.
  • MumHood Tote Currently unavailable

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*It's an 8 week programme, but we give you 4 months access, as we know with a little one things don't always go to plan!