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Post-Natal Phase 2

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Phase Two

Once you’re happy that your deep core and pelvic floor connection are back on track, it’s time to move to Phase 2. This programme is still very much aimed at postnatal rehab and takes into consideration the fact that you will continue to have relaxin in your body for a minimum of 6 months post birth. As such, all exercises are low impact and we have created the fitness videos to bring your heart rate up, but not to exhaust you, as being a new mum can be exhausting enough on its own!

As with Phase 1, little and often wins the race, so aim to alternate your Fitness and Core Rehab videos and aim for 4-6 sessions a week (safe in the knowledge that if this doesn’t work out, no harm will come to anyone!)

Phase 2 is an 8-week programme to take you through the next stage of your postnatal journey, building on the fundamentals from Phase 1. The programme includes Core Rehab videos progressing on from Phase 1, with Lindsay talking you through a series of exercises which will challenge your pelvic floor and deep core connection.

Feeling strong and confident in the Core Rehab videos is important to making a full and quick recovery. The Core Rehab videos are supplemented by low-impact Fitness videos in Phase 2, to engage the larger muscle groups (so that you can start to feel the ‘burn’) and to raise your heart rate.. The exercises, led by Caroline and Diana concentrate on the posterior chain (back of your body) to help counteract the effects of feeding, pushing buggies, changing nappies etc. all which have the tendency to get us hunched over. These full body workouts will mean you start to feel the positive effect of those sweet endorphins flowing through your body!

Who Is It For?

Mums who have completed the Phase 1 Programme (we would recommend that you always complete Phase 1 if you are in doubt, the additional Core Rehab work will benefit everyone); those who have had their six-week sign off after a relatively straightforward pregnancy and birth, with little or no abdominal separation and who were exercising during their pregnancy; those getting back into exercise after a little while off, but who are feeling reasonably well and strong.

What's Included?

  • 4 x 15 minute Core Rehab Videos, progressing week on week
  • 4 x 25 minute Low Impact Fitness Videos, progressing week on week
  • Access for 4 months (it is an 8 week programme but we understand new babies mean that things don’t always got to plan!)
  • Pilates Ball Currently unavailable
  • Pack of 2 x Resistance bands Currently unavailable
  • Postnatal Nutrition guide from Kristy Coleman.
  • Mumhood Tote Currently unavailable

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